We can help you find the right channel for your online advertising.

Brisk Agency is much more than a Google Ads agency – we place your ads exactly where your target group is ready and waiting for your advertising message. This includes:


You want to win new customers via search engines like Google? Then we are the partner at your side. Our certified SEA experts are only satisfied when you are!

We conduct comprehensive website audits to identify issues that could block growth, assess the competition’s strengths and weaknesses, and conduct thorough consumer research to see how potential customers are searching for the client’s product or service online.

Using these insights, we’re able to develop a targeted keyword strategy that directs the approach we take.

Paid ADs Agency In London
Paid ADs Agency In London

Amazon Advertisment

For many users, the e-commerce giant is the starting point for online shopping. So, you too should be represented here to reach your customers directly at the start of the customer journey. We make you visible on the marketplace!

Google Ads

Get to the top of Google without paying too much for this! For ads to appear in Google search results, the interaction of ad and page quality and the right bid is crucial. We know what is important for all three factors – and use this knowledge for your success.

Paid ADs Agency In London
Paid ADs Agency In London

Google Shopping

Besides Amazon Ads, Google Shopping Ads are an important advertising platform for your products as conversion and sales drivers. When it comes to conversion figures, shopping campaigns are usually far superior to ads in the search. Our PPC professionals support you with positioning in Google Shopping and make you visible in the digital shop window.

Display Ads

You can reach over 90% of the world’s internet users via the Google Display Network (GDN). At least in theory. For actual success it is important to place the right display at the right time and in the right place. With our experienced experts it’s child’s play!

Paid ADs Agency In London
Paid ADs Agency In London

Bing Ads

Besides Google, Bing is another important player in the search engine market and should not be neglected if your target audience is here. Let us help you find out whether Bing is suitable for your advertising campaigns and how you can achieve the best results there.

Social Ads

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Co – the world of social networks is huge. The diverse targeting options and campaign designs make it possible to address your target group precisely. So what are you waiting for?

Paid ADs Agency In London
Paid ADs Agency In London

Yandex Ads

Would you like to launch into in the Russian-speaking market? Then Yandex PPC should not be missing in your ad strategy. With our network of Russian native speakers, we not only speak the right language for your success, but we also know all about the special features of this platform. You can profit from it!


With remarketing you will be remembered! We target your ads specifically at customers who left your online shop without shopping so you will not be forgotten. With targeted optimisation and clever ad placement, you can win back many of the customers who have left – and that pays off!

Paid ADs Agency In London
Paid ADs Agency In London

PPC Audit

Would you like to know if your Google Ads (former AdWords) or other PPC campaigns have more potential? We will find out for you and reveal hidden potential for you in a detailed audit. With the resulting recommendations for actions, you are then fully on course for success.

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