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As an award-winning paid media agency in London and Exeter, Brisk Agency combines data-driven insights with technology and creativity to deliver high-impact paid media services. Our teams of service specialists and multi-channel strategists work together to achieve exceptional results.

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How Paid Media Services Help Your Business

Leveraging paid media is the most modern and effective form of advertising for driving brand awareness, traffic, sales, and revenue.

As a leading Paid ADs agency in Exeter and London, Brisk Agency offers a diverse range of services, including advertising on search engines, social media, and across the internet.

A solid understanding of ad strategies and budget planning is essential for successful paid media management. Our extensive experience ensures we produce and execute profitable paid media marketing strategies tailored to grow your business.

Our Approach To Paid Media

At Brisk Agency, a leading Paid ADs agency, we’ve been pushing boundaries in paid media for over a decade. As the industry evolves, we stay at the forefront by testing new and innovative ideas that drive results for our clients.

With tech giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft constantly introducing new technologies, our paid media specialists utilise these advancements through testing and smart data analysis. This allows us to craft clear growth strategies that maximise your return on investment.


We utilise leading paid media testing software to measure the impact of our work and monitor changes in ad performance. These insights enable us to refine our strategies, focus on what works, and clearly demonstrate how our efforts have positively impacted your ROI.


As we transition to a privacy-first web, a significant portion of paid media now depends on optimising automated processes like Performance Max. Successful automation requires providing accurate information and data, along with the ability to extract trends and insights from performance data.

Paid Media Services We Offer

Through strategic paid media management, we drive optimal growth for our clients across all paid media disciplines, including search, social, display, and video channels.

Paid Search/PPC

Paid Social

Google Shopping

With extensive knowledge in paid media, we excel at creating high-performing campaigns across search, shopping, display, and video channels. Our strategies drive brand awareness and boost conversions at a profitable CPA.

Social media is a vital component of paid media marketing. Its near-universal reach enables businesses to target highly specific audiences with personalised content, increasing brand presence and encouraging audience engagement.

As a recognised Google Partner, we have extensive expertise in leveraging Google’s paid media services. Utilising Google Shopping, we can achieve higher conversion rates and more profitable CPAs, even in the most competitive sectors.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Paid Media Consultancy

Video Advertising

As a dynamic online paid media agency, we specialise in achieving strategic online placements and advertising your business to a targeted audience across various advertising networks, including the Google Display Network, DV360, and YouTube.

Partner with an award-winning paid media agency and our expert team for account audits, multi-channel strategy creation, or attribution modelling. We offer consultative services to upskill your internal paid media teams and enhance your marketing efforts.

Google Marketing Platform’s Display & Video 360 real-time bidding offers a premium network of ad inventory, enabling you to reach targeted consumers more effectively and expand your reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Paid Media?

Paid media encompasses various forms of online advertising, including PPC (paid search and display ads), video advertising, and paid social media advertising. It involves strategically managing media spend across the entire paid media mix, from targeting cold audiences to retargeting engaged users.

Why Is Paid Media Important?

Paid media allows you to purchase online ad space to promote your business and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) that support your broader digital marketing strategy. Investing in paid media can help drive brand awareness, increase website traffic, and boost sales or conversions. Ultimately, effective paid media management should lead to higher revenue for your business.

What Is Paid Social Media?

Paid social is a form of online advertising that targets social media platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. These platforms offer extensive audience targeting, enabling you to segment your audience to reach the right people interested in your products and services.

What Is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of online advertising where businesses pay a fixed amount each time a user clicks on one of their ads. Often referred to as ‘paid search,’ it encompasses a wide range of biddable media options, allowing advertisers to target specific audiences and drive traffic to their websites effectively.

How Does Impression Report On Paid Media Campaign Progress?

We keep a close watch on your account through a mix of automated alerts and manual reviews. Our paid media experts conduct a thorough audit of your advertising account weekly to gather insights and implement changes that safeguard your investment. Each month, we share a detailed roadmap outlining major projects, so you are informed about our activities.

Unlike traditional PPC advertising, successful paid social campaigns depend on a strategic combination of prospecting (reaching new audiences) and retargeting (engaging previous visitors) to achieve a profitable ROI.

Do I Need A Paid Media Agency?

As a paid media agency, we offer you a team of seasoned digital experts. With extensive knowledge across all paid media platforms, we can develop comprehensive strategies tailored to your business needs.

Partnering with a paid media agency is an excellent choice if you lack a dedicated in-house team, need support for your existing team, or require specialised training for your staff.

Paid media agencies have established performance measurement processes and utilise specialist tools that you may not typically have access to. We also provide best practices and advice to help you maximise your digital investment.