Podcast Agency

Podcast Agency

A Podcast Agency, focussed on GLOBAL!

Brisk Podcast Agency Was Created To Make Podcasting Easy.

At Brisk Podcast Agency we are able to support and help grow talent podcasts. We are the management team behind UK leading podcast The Online Disrupter with Liam Chick, we have successfully built a relationship with the production team to ensure its continued growth, whilst assisting in monetisation of the podcast.

Podcast Production

Podcasting and Vodcasting has grown significantly in the past few years.

At Brisk Agency we understand the value of talent owning their own IP and being able to create opportunities to grow their own platform across podcasting, YouTube & digital series. As a result we are proud to be able to offer idea development, pitch decks, monetisation strategies, in-house production, marketing launches and offer a podcast studio space in our office for our roster to use.

We are proud to work alongside studios & production agencies to bring podcasts to life. We have an impressive roster of podcasts & YouTube series under our belt from the UK’s leading male podcast The Online Disrupter with Liam Chick to our own in house agency podcast Managed.

For all enquiries on our existing podcasts please click the button below