Branding Agency

An independent branding agency in the UK winning hearts & minds with persuasive strategy & compelling creative.

Brand Strategy

A clear brand positioning or purpose is essential for success. As a Creative Brand Agency and Branding Agency based in London and Exeter, we use our tailor-made immersion process to truly understand you. We ask questions, conduct audits, lead workshops, and uncover what resonates with you and your audience. Leveraging our insights and experience, we align internal direction and create a customer-centric voice for your brand.

Brisk Agency's 'More Than Colour' branding message, exemplifying the expertise of a leading creative brand and logo design agency in London and Exeter.

Naming, Visual Identity & Guardianship

For over 20 years, as a Branding Agency based in London and Exeter, we have nurtured new brands and reimagined existing ones, from global icons to startups. We bring brands to life by activating your brand positioning through a cohesive visual identity, including logos, colour palettes, typography, and unique graphic elements, as well as photography styling and animation. These elements are compiled into a brand guidelines document to ensure your brand remains strong and consistent.

Keeping Your Brand On Point

In a content-saturated world, visual media must connect with audiences and stand out. At Brisk Agency, we create social campaigns, brand films, animations, marketing materials, and corporate communications from concept to delivery. Our work is tailored to the interests and passions of the viewer. Whether you need ongoing support or help with specific projects, we partner with you long-term to grow your brand and continuously push creative boundaries. Brisk Marketing Group are your dedicated Creative Brand Agency.


Stand Up And Be Counted

From sleek corporates to fresh innovators, we create the image you need to power your business. Whether it’s digital design or printed assets, our standout graphics put you front and centre.

We understand your brand has a unique look, so we honor classic design principles while exploring new directions. No matter how bold your brand wants to be, we expertly guide you through.

Through detailed consultation, we uncover your core values and principles, crafting an identity that is both memorable and compelling.