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Brisk Agency is a creative video production agency based in London. We create engaging video content for global brands.

Brisk was founded by two dropouts with a shared passion for film.

Our fully inclusive video production company handles all aspects of content creation, from video strategy and pre-production to production and post-production.

Video Content Services - UK London Video Content Company

For over ten years, our UK video content company has been providing full service video production in the farthest flung corners of the globe, giving us an invaluable insight into the filming costs involved in shooting anywhere from Cape Town to Cairo. 

With this knowledge and long established network, you’ll experience the benefits of working with a London video content company, which employs the same methods as mainstream TV productions and TV commercials to create highly creative online web video content but in a far more sensible and efficient way. 

So the world really is your oyster for your next video content marketing campaign. We offer all sorts of production services and to see the full list of all the categories just take a look at our video content services page.

Video Production In London
Video Production In London

Offline Editing Service

At Brisk Agency post-production London we have all of our resources under one roof. This helps to contain costs and means we can be flexible and fast when it comes to client requirements.

We know that working on digital content and especially when working direct to brand there is always a need for multiple versions and variations of edits as well as different variants of formatting and output. 

So we try to keep our costs within set quotes rather than having to keep adding on for every little extra. We feel that by being acquiescent in this way allows for a more fluid workflow and a better foundation for the ongoing relationship with our clients.

A video post production company for digital content has to have this approach in order to facilitate the great amount of output that usually comes with any single brief and campaign.

We edit in adobe premiere and all of our editors are experienced and have award-winning work to their own personal showreels. It is at the edit when everything comes together. So the quality and importance of a good editor cannot be under estimated. 

With content you usually have a huge amount of rushes and an overall story, which is only partially storyboarded. What this means is that a good editor must be able to make the best use of the best rushes but he must also be able to bring the story together in the most logical and effective way.

Our approach is similar to documentary film making, so we often roll the camera for long takes and always shoot sync sound.

Sound Design

Well-recorded sound and Sound Effects are another important element to the Beast approach and all of our website video post productions. In order to maximise the emotional connection it is crucial that we hear within the sound mix all the beautiful and stimulating sounds, which accompany the moving image.

The sound mix is an incredible detailed and time consuming part of the process but this is not something that can be skipped over. Further more since this is a crucial part of our storytelling technique we choose our actions and shots according not just to the visual narrative but also with the audio tracks in mind.

For example if you cut from a water fall in a rainforest to a wheat field swaying in the breeze, you know that you will have a very powerful and stimulating contrast and juxtaposition not just of video but audio too.

Video Production In London
Video Production In London

Music For Digital Content

At Brisk Agency London Post-Production company we never use library music. Library music is generic and if there’s any good library music out there then it will be used on thousands of videos already. If you want your video to look different and unique then it stands to reason that the music must follow the same rule.

Of course we always use reference music when editing and for presentation to client but at Brisk Agency we always use composed music. We have a rich network of extremely talented musicians who can fulfil any brief we put to them.

Composed music for TV commercials and composed music for digital content costs a little more but the end quality is so much better that this is a necessary investment. It also saves a lot of time and means that you can avoid any uncertainties about royalties and music usage rights.


In house we use after effects for compositing and touch up work. If we have any big post brief and specifically for all the CGI animation then we have a partner company that we always work with. We have an ongoing deal in place so the costs even for Pixar level 3d character animation can be achievable and within the high end of the digital content budget. 

Video Production In London

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