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SEO is a core element of any online presence, even though you may not realise it. An SEO strategy is critical to ensure that your website has a viable and searchable online presence. SEO is designed to make sure that when someone searches for your company or business, they find you without any hassle at all. It’s also crucial if you want to come up when someone searches for something relevant to your field and specialist industry.

How your site appears on the web and how it ranks alongside the rest are extremely important factors to take into account when venturing online with your company. Having a business website that does not rank efficiently will mean less traffic to the site, less engagement with your company and ultimately fewer customers and conversions.

Something which is absolutely essential for any business is understanding how your website is seen online and what sort of image you’re putting out. As an agency that specialises in local and global SEO, we know precisely how to make sure that your site remains one of the most prominent in the world of Google and other major search engines.

When your brand doesn’t rank as highly as you’d like, it’s easy to get discouraged. The traffic to your site is reduced, as is the number of customers which are actually engaged with you and your brand. This is, naturally, something you want to avoid. Your online profile should go a long way in making sure that you attract the kind of audience that you want. SEO goes such a long way with that, as it helps to draw the right types of search engine queries.

Your profile online should also be able to efficiently attract the relevant audience, so that your target consumer is easily discovering your business, services, and products. Brisk Agency can help you do this. We will research the most effective keywords relevant to your business, and then embed these in your website content for the search engine ‘crawlers’ to catch.

Target Audience and Competition

We take the time to research your competition and marketplace, in order to improve your ranking among similar companies. We will analyse what search terms your customers use online, and with this information, we can target your audience more accurately, and ensure a strong conversion ratio.

Initial Analysis

Before tailoring a strategy to suit your online requirements, we will analyse your existing platform and highlight any areas for improvement. Some of the key areas we will investigate are whether any essential tags are missing, if your content is too long or too short, if the metadata is correct, and if your website is not loading quickly enough. All these elements are essential to your site’s success.

Content is King – Context is Queen

Our copywriters work alongside our SEO team to produce original, quality content that is relevant but also engaging. If you opt for one of our on-site elements as part of your SEO strategy, you will find the content posted will be appealing and appropriate to your topic. Fresh content will keep your site on top. Google is forever evolving and they will often change the required criteria for keeping a strong online presence, therefore elements that may have benefited you a year ago may no longer be so strong. We will ensure your strategy is always optimised and we will endeavour to deliver a modern campaign in line with Google’s current requirements

Progress Reports

We suggest quarterly meetings in order to discuss the analytics for your campaign and to track its effectiveness. We can tell you who is looking at your website, how they found you, and most importantly what they do when they are there and when they bounce off it. This vital feedback allows us to tweak the site to keep it performing perfectly. It also enables us to reinforce our relationship with you by providing effective results.



Firstly, we’ll research your brand, competition, and your industry, so that we can better understand precisely what keywords should be used to give you the edge that you need. From here, it’s all about developing an effective SEO strategy. SEO is a core factor of your online presence, and so the approach that we develop will be harmonious to your system and will work in tandem with you to make sure that your site has keywords and phrases interwoven in.


Then, the optimisation process can begin. We’ll make sure that there are proper levels of SEO in all areas of your site, and we’ll make sure that the right keywords, meta tags, H tags, Alt tags etc, are inserted in without any issues at all.


We have a team of highly trained and professional copywriters who can expertly craft organic content for your site, which incorporates keywords and makes sure that no matter what happens, those keywords are in the right place. We like to ensure consistency between all marketing channels (i.e blogs, social media, articles, etc).


Finally, we’ll make sure that we keep track of your SEO optimisation and campaigns in a way that conveniences you. We give you full access to an extremely high end reporting system along with sending frequent reports. You can log in daily to review ranking changes and SEO updates. Not only that, but we’ll tailor your dashboard to also report on your Social Media Campaigns, Google my business campaigns and more.

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