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In November 2018, Brisk Agency announced the launch of their talent brand; a global influencer and community management agency.

Brisk now have access to over 600+ of the worlds largest social media communities and over 128,000 of the worlds most engaged influencers.

People respond to people. Social influencers give a personable voice and face to a brand. They're trusted. ​

Brisk's communities amass over 3 billion followers, growing by tens of thousands per day. Each one was built out of a passion for a niche subject.

People follow these social media pages for one reason; they’re passionate too.​Brisk uses the latest technology to determine authentic and genuine followers/engagement rates and will only work with influencers that have a proven track record.

​Our relationship with our audience means that they’re hyper-engaged and trust us; if we place your brand on our communities, the audience will trust your brand too.

Some of our biggest pages include The Football Feed, Premier Football, Bucket List Travel, Just Go Vacation, Memes Made Me Laugh and Love Island Banter.


In a crowded world, people respond to people they trust, and the majority of the time this happens to be influencers. Our influencer reach amass to over 600 million+


All our influencers are frequently scanned using bespoke software. This enables us to view authenticity and genuine followers/ engagement rates.


We provide you with the best real-time reports. This will detail the successes of the campaign along with an ROI.

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