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Email marketing is a highly valuable digital marketing tool but since the introduction of GDPR, has become overlooked.

When used correctly email marketing can be a very cost-effective way to reach your audience/ customers.

Email marketing is often regarded as not-so-important but if used efficiently, or alongside other marketing strategies, can be highly beneficial and should certainly not be overlooked.

Using a bespoke platform, our in-house designers will create a fresh appealing email template that incorporates your company branding which will look impressive on every device.

Next, our in-house copywriting team will create the email/ newsletter copy and all-important subject line that will entice the receivers to open the mail.

Along with strategic planning we also have software to ensure that your mail never ends up in the recipients junk folder. This will play a huge factor in achieving your ROI.

After the email has been sent we will turn our attention to the data aspect of the campaign. Using real-time reporting, we will be able to show an overview and in-depth customer analytics report. This gives us invaluable information to create highly targeted email campaigns in the future.



Our graphic designers will ensure that your email template is user-friendly, mobile friendly and highly engaging.


Our copywriters will write engaging content and the all important subject line.


After the campaign has been completed, Brisk Agency will provide real time analytics.

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