Create a USP with help from Brisk Agency

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Your brand is so much more than your logo or the products you sell. Your brand is your entire business. It’s the reason you exist, your USPs, the people who work there and the experience you offer to clients or customers.

Building your brand is a collaborative process. We need to find out what your business wants to achieve and why. We need to understand how your teams currently work together, your corporate structures and what your customers and clients think of your business.

We will also look at your competitors and trends across your industry and markets.

Together we’ll explore what makes you unique, what you could or should be doing differently, and how to express that to the world.

When you’re ready to announce your new brand to the world, you can take a phased approach or launch with a bang.​

Whatever you decide, our in-house teams of web designers, copywriters, film makers, digital marketers and designers will help you to make change happen internally and externally.

We can help you to create a memorable name for new products and brands. Based on your requirements, we will run a workshop with your teams and agree a shortlist of potential names.​

We’ll run legal checks and ensure there are no copyright issues. Our design team will explore how these names could work on products and marketing materials.

We’ll also do a cultural and linguistic analysis for each name and design to ensure they will translate to your markets.​

This process leaves you with options to choose from that you can be confident in.

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