Get your brand above the competitors with AD Campaigns

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92% of buyers report that they use the internet to search businesses before making a purchase decision, and 81% of customers do the same. That means the majority of current customers probably found you through a Google search, and the majority of your potential customers will too, so why not put your ads above your competitors?

Google search ads gets your company’s information in front of these searchers and at the top of the search engine results. The top 3 ad spots above the organic search results have historically received 41% of the clicks made after a user performs a search.

Google search ads are all about keywords. You need to know what your customers are searching for when looking for your product or service. Different keywords have different prices per click depending on their industry, competitiveness, and popularity on Google’s search engine queries.


Using your information along with in-depth research, we will develop one killer strategy.


PPC has a huge number of benefits including SEO, digital rankings and instant website traffic.


Brisk Agency will provide frequent data reports detailing the campaign in detail.

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