a quick growth podcast project

The Online Disrupter with Liam Chick is a Brisk owned and produced podcast.

The Online Disrupter is an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories of the people that have defined culture, achieved greatness and created stories worth studying.
Liam sits down with some of the world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers. The Online Disrupter is different because of how raw, honest and emotional it is – living up to the word ‘Disrupter’ in its name – these are things people don’t usually share with a level of honesty that most ‘interviews’ don’t give you.
Liam Chick Headshot From Filming The Online Disrupter
The Online Disrupter with Liam Chick Studio Lit In Blue

In September 2023, we took over the entire The Online Disrupter brand.

Our mission was to take The Online Disrupter podcast from a virtual, riverside recording to a high production masterpiece with a consistent social media & marketing strategy.

Our first goal was to create our own podcast studio that could be used for our own podcast but also podcasts for our clients.

We kitted the studio with; Apple M1 Mic Mini, Logic Pro X, 8x SURE SM7B Microphones, 6x Audio Tecnica Headphones, Samsung The Frame display, 3x 6K Black Magic Pocket Camera, Make Up Area and Photography Area.

We then had to create a digital strategy so we used our social listening & research tools to figure out what the consumer engages with…

With this information, we created a strategy that involved 3x TikTok videos a day, 3x YouTube short videos a day, 1x Instagram reel a day, and much more.

Since we took over The Online Disrupter brand in September 2023, we have achieved 1.7 million Spotify and Apple downloads, 235,000 YouTube views, 9.8 million TikTok views and 700,000 Instagram reach.

Podcast studio set in Central London with Green screen in the windows