SportsBroker On Tour

Harnessing the power of FOMO to keep users coming to the SportsBroker app.

Upon the conclusion of the UK’s domestic season in May, the absence of trading opportunities became a cause for concern, potentially leading to a loss of customers. In response, SportsBroker diversified its offerings by venturing into four new leagues: MLS, Eliteserien, J1 League, and K League 1. Given the limited knowledge and interest customers had in these leagues, the challenge was to find effective ways to motivate them to participate in trading activities.

A campaign leveraging the influence of FOMO saw SportsBroker embarking on a one-week visit to each new league. Throughout July 2022, participants who toured and engaged in trading were rewarded with a ‘stamp’ in their SportsBroker passport, entitling them to a complimentary £5 bonus for use once the domestic season resumed.

In addition to establishing a unique look and feel for the campaign, we generated content across various channels such as social media, email, the website, and in the app. This content included match previews, valuable tips, expert commentary, and daily share price movements, all strategically designed to motivate customers to participate in trading activities.

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