a social campaign made of different stuff

Helping Rubicon boost brand awareness with their first ever influencer campaign.

Filled with unconventional fruits not commonly found in an ordinary fruit bowl, the goal was to connect with a Gen Z audience that thrives on doing things differently—a demographic with a strong desire for adventure. Hence, a standard social campaign wouldn’t suffice.

Rubicon Raw Live Campaign
Rubicon Made Of Different Stuff

An undiscovered avenue for raising awareness, we collaborated with influential Instagram personalities, ranging from roller skaters to explorers, urging them to embrace fresh experiences.

This initiative aimed to illustrate the essence of being distinct and diverse. Through competitions, we provided our audience with opportunities to engage in novel activities, offering prizes such as cooking kits and jam roller skate sessions.

Throughout this process, our primary objective remained to attract new followers to Rubicon’s Instagram account.

2,875,050 Impressions

50,764 Engagements

7.28% Impression rate

1,125 New followers

Rubicon Raw