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In November 2020 and after a few years of successful growth, Oliver Joseph decided to expand into Sidmouth. This expansion was great for Brisk Agency, who's worked with Oliver Joseph on a number of projects previously.

Web & Mobile

When Oliver Joseph announced the expansion to us, we instantly got to work re-branding the company brand guidelines. We wanted to offer uniqueness but consistency between both gyms. With this in mind, we decided to scrap the current Oliver Joseph website for a new, modern site.

Visit Oliver Joseph Cranbrook

Visit Oliver Joseph Sidmouth

Social Results

Within month one, we increased post reach by 1,345%, page views by 2,433%, post engagements by 493%, video views by 730%, page likes by 575%, and page followers by 523%.

As we continue to work with Oliver Joseph Fitness, the results continue to grow.

The AD campaigns generated a number of leads, and the content is highly engaging.

Leaflet Design

Following a successful social media campaign and website development project, Oliver Joseph asked BRISK to design a leaflet/flyer to promote their business to corporates within the local area.

The campaign emphasised Oliver Joseph as a friendly, community-based gym based in Sidmouth.

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