Oliver Joseph Fitness - Axminster

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In March 2021 and after a few years of successful growth, Oliver Joseph decided to expand into Axminster (after Sidmouth and Cranbrook). This expansion was great for Brisk Agency, who's worked with Oliver Joseph on a number of projects previously.

Web & Mobile

When Oliver Joseph announced the expansion to us, we instantly got to work re-branding the company brand guidelines. We wanted to offer uniqueness but consistency between all gyms. With this in mind, we decided to work on the new website.

Visit Oliver Joseph Cranbrook

Visit Oliver Joseph Sidmouth

Visit Oliver Joseph Axminster

Social Campaigns

Within the first month, we gained a post reach of 1886700% (19,000 people).

As we continue to work with Oliver Joseph Fitness, the results continue to grow.

The AD campaigns generated a number of leads, and the content is highly engaging.

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