Bringing the Moda Way to life for Manchester

Create a holistically integrated place brand for Moda’s first development, Angel Gardens, and activate the brand across all consumer and investor touchpoints.

Crafting and perfecting the Angel Gardens place brand involved not only embodying the essence of the Moda masterbrand but also incorporating cultural references to Manchester’s illustrious history and unique site characteristics. By establishing a comprehensive brand definition spanning visual elements to tone of voice, we bestowed upon Angel Gardens a distinctive and compelling identity.

We implemented the strategy across all facets of the launch, encompassing both physical and digital touchpoints. Brochures were developed in tandem with a comprehensive social and media strategy to cultivate interest. Simultaneously, SEO optimization enabled potential residents to explore further details and register their interest.

171% increased monthly traffic to the website

6,000 new users visiting the site every month

10% PPC click through rate

376 new enquiries per month