Launching Reebok x Eames

A pair of prestige events in LA and New York announced a landmark collaboration between icons of streetwear and design Reebok x Eames.

The collaboration between Reebok and Eames was an unforeseen alliance that quickly became coherent. Both brands were dedicated to accessible design, technical innovation, and a playful ethos. The challenge lay in effectively conveying their shared values to collectors, tastemakers, artists, and consumers. Our strategy involved honoring the beauty of form and design through a series of events, seamlessly extending into social content and a retail initiative. This approach aimed to amplify brand vitality and establish a strong connection with an audience that values authenticity.

The Reebok x Eames events served as intimate focal points with evident common ground. In LA, we presented a short film during a cocktail reception and dinner at the iconic Eames House. This involved curating the guestlist, managing hospitality, entertainment, giveaways, and overseeing the entire event flow. In NYC, we organized a daytime gallery experience and an evening jazz reception, showcasing key Eames pieces together for the first time. Event zines and talkers delved into the context and inspiration behind these pieces.

Amplified by editorial press coverage, we spotlighted the ethos and aesthetic of Reebok x Eames, emphasizing the talent and ambition driving the collaboration. This cultural programming paid homage to the spirit of both brands.

In London, tailored executions within Footpatrol and END stores introduced Reebok x Eames to new markets. We ensured the essence of the Eames house reached a global audience through a comprehensive retail toolkit, showcasing the talent, vision, and aesthetic of this bold creative partnership.

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