breaking records for KFC UK & Ireland’s 2022 World Cup campaign

As a component of the brand’s World Cup 2022 campaign, KFC tasked us with leveraging the influence of responsive social media to spotlight KFC Delivery on both Instagram and X. Our solution? Crafting KFC’s leading X post of 2022 (and its second most significant to date), an interactive Instagram Story format gamification that propelled engagement rates to new heights and solidified brand affection in an intensely competitive, occasionally contentious environment.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup represented a crucial phase for KFC to highlight their delivery service. Tasked with harnessing the potential of responsive social media, our objective was to boost engagement and consideration by associating KFC Delivery with pivotal in-game, sporting, and cultural occurrences as they unfolded during the World Cup.

18m organic impressions
440k organic engagements
35.88% engagement rate (Instagram Stories)
126k total views (X)
10k mentions

Our Solution

Our organic social strategy for the World Cup centered on three primary objectives: capturing attention, fostering advocacy, and establishing association. To grab attention, we infused our distinct “loveable rogue” tone into reactive fan moments. For advocacy, we adopted a humorous and bold approach, especially on contentious fan topics. Our association goal involved making unexpected appearances during significant World Cup moments. The overarching aim was to raise awareness for KFC Delivery, so we strategically incorporated messaging about this and other menu items when relevant.

X served as the optimal second-screening platform for football enthusiasts, driving the momentum of this campaign. Reactivity was paramount, prompting us to establish a game room to live-tweet responsive content for 13 games, including the tournament’s marquee matches.

One campaign highlight that stood out was our Cristiano Ronaldo reaction post, emerging as our top-performing X post in 2022. It garnered over 12.9 million impressions and 238,000 engagements, securing its place as KFC’s second most successful X post to date. The post achieved virality on social media and garnered attention from major news outlets such as Apple News, TalkSport, and the Manchester Evening News.

The post featuring David De Gea also demonstrated strong performance, amassing 1.3 million organic impressions, 42,000 organic engagements, and an impressive 3.1% engagement rate. We foresaw its success given the contrasting opinions among Manchester United fans about the player, and our swift response not only garnered attention but also fostered advocacy.

To spotlight KFC Delivery on X, we utilized a giveaway mechanic encouraging users to respond with #KFCDelivery. This strategy reinforced the brand’s association with World Cup celebrations, simultaneously fostering advocacy and raising awareness for KFC’s delivery service.

Instagram Stories provided the perfect platform to link KFC with the World Cup through native features. We introduced three distinctive formats: Milestone Moments, The People’s Pundit, and The Ultimate Match-up.

Whether we offered a free KFC Delivery for competition milestones, or let fans predict what was to come, these formats amassed 31,184 engagements and over 215,000 views.

“With the team at Brisk Agency, we found a truly distinctive way to insert KFC Delivery into some of the biggest moments of the World Cup to get attention and drive relevancy for the brand. Our live game rooms allowed us to react quickly to in-game moments, whilst our approach to Instagram Stories meant we could harness the hype and excitement around coming matches and maximise engagement. Together, we delivered some amazing results to ensure cut-through and drive awareness of KFC Delivery throughout the World Cup. And we even made headlines!”

Andrew Hendry | Social Media Management | KFC UK & Ireland