delivering an unforgettable night at KFC UK & Ireland’s pop-up pub The Colonel’s Arms

On the day England was set to compete against the USA in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we readied the opening of KFC’s inaugural pub, The Colonel’s Arms, featuring Jimmy Bullard as the honorary landlord. Through social teasers, a pub tour, and a ticket giveaway, we drew fans to Fulham Palace Road in Hammersmith, London. There, they enjoyed KFC table delivery and a one-of-a-kind night out.

Jimmy Bullard at The Colonel's Arms - KFC | Brisk Agency
The Colonel's Arms - KFC | Brisk Agency

Amidst the marketing saturation during the FIFA 2022 World Cup, KFC entrusted us with the task of generating excitement for their KFC Delivery service and enhancing brand engagement on social media. This challenge included both the prelude to and the duration of their Colonel’s Arms pop-up, part of an experiential campaign characterized by stringent production timelines.

7m+ views
34k+ engagements
4.9m reach
87k impressions (exc. Reels and TikTok)
The Colonel's Arms - KFC | Brisk Agency

Our Solution

Our strategy revolves around maximizing earned reach, consistently initiating conversations or providing incentives for interaction. This principle extended to The Colonel’s Arms campaign.

A distinctive aspect of this initiative involved the imperative to garner substantial attention for The Colonel’s Arms amid KFC’s concurrent communication efforts. Adding to the complexity, the pub’s tight construction schedule allowed us only a brief window to produce and launch content while it remained open for business.

To overcome this challenge, we enlisted the services of Jimmy Bullard, a former England player and TV personality, to assume the role of our pub landlord. Recognized as a personality aligning with KFC’s brand persona—the loveable rogue—his involvement ensured we cut through the noise during the overly saturated World Cup period, effectively conveying our message in a timely manner.

In crafting our content strategy, we strategically placed all crucial messaging in the initial moments of the video to capture maximum attention: KFC’s new pub opening, the promise of complimentary Original Recipe chicken delivered directly to tables, and the presence of Jimmy Bullard pulling pints. To enhance advocacy within our audience, we provided ample opportunities to win exclusive experience tickets by engaging on X and Instagram, key platforms where KFC’s community thrives.

Recognizing that The Colonel’s Arms was a feast for both the eyes and taste buds, we prioritized Instagram and TikTok for the subsequent phase of the campaign, as these platforms offered the ideal audiovisual medium to effectively showcase the pub’s attributes and let Jimmy’s personality shine. X took a back seat to prevent The Colonel’s Arms content from being overshadowed by the brand’s high output.

Within this phase, we released two pieces of content. The first, “The Landlord’s Tour,” adopted an MTV Cribs-style format, with Jimmy Bullard providing a comprehensive tour of the pub. The second comprised Instagram Stories capturing the atmosphere on opening night as England geared up to face the USA.

Throughout the night, we documented live scenes from the pub, and despite neither England nor the USA scoring a goal, the launch marked a triumph for KFC.

“The Colonel’s Arms pub was such a key moment for KFC last year. Not only did it stand as a truly distinctive platform for our KFC Delivery proposition, but it also gave us the right level of disruption to ensure cut-through during the busy World Cup period. Against a complex pub build, the Brisk Agency team worked tirelessly, and through the night, to capture content to amplify the activation across social and drive engagement.”

Andrew Hendry | Social Media Management | KFC UK & Ireland