Kawai - pianos, seen like never before

Musical instrument manufacturers Kawai wanted to find a cost-effective way to photograph their pianos in as much detail as possible, and in truly unique environments.

Despite the ability of 3D cameras to capture internal details beyond the reach of regular photography, Kawai had reservations about its realism. Our goal was to demonstrate the effectiveness of this process.

Given the top-secret nature of the piano plans, we had limited access to photographs and a tape measure to precisely replicate the piano. Using 3DS Max, each component of the piano was meticulously modeled based on our photographs, measurements, and insights from Kawai’s technical team. One image showcased the piano perched atop a London skyscraper, a logistical and costly feat if attempted with the physical piano. Now that the model is finished, we can effortlessly create new, distinct shoots using the same piano.

A very friendly team to work with and we’re hugely impressed with the results! – Thomas Haydney, Kawai