Turning GDK’s Coco x Kiki kebab into the ultimate shareable foodie accessory

GDK sought our assistance in elevating the recognition of its new Coco x Kiki kebabs, with the aim of linking the brand to urban culture, fashion, and music.

German Doner Kebab Case Study by Brisk Agency
German Doner Kebab Case Study | Brisk Agency London

Our task was to develop a comprehensive social campaign focused on enhancing awareness and building anticipation for the launch of the new Coco x Kiki Kebabs, while also emphasizing GDK’s brand alignment with urban culture, fashion, and music.

52.4m impressions
307 k engagements
15.8m users reached
German Doner Kebab Case Study | Brisk Agency London

Our Solution

Our primary target audience for this campaign comprised fans aged 18–34 with interests converging in the realms of food, music, and fashion.

Therefore, our content strategy aimed to position the Coco x Kiki kebab not only as a delectable product but also as an overall aesthetic that resonates with these intersecting verticals.

We engaged our audience by providing them with social currency—a highly aesthetic object and a trend they could embrace to generate content showcasing their awareness of the latest cultural moments.

Our fully integrated social media campaign spanned platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram, and TikTok, incorporating organic social content, paid media, and talent partnerships.

The campaign unfolded in three distinct phases: tease, launch, and sustain.

During the tease phase, our objective was to create desire for the Coco x Kiki Kebab through a campaign that heightened social currency, enhanced brand visibility, and garnered press coverage. The goal was to evoke FOMO by inviting key talent and GDK’s most fervent fans to be the first to experience the Coco x Kiki Kebab.

GDK initiated the launch campaign with a significant promotional photo shoot, featuring artists Tion Wayne, Ivorian Doll, and Bryn alongside Stefflon and Nadia. This presented a prime opportunity for content creation, aligning with our target audience whose interests revolved around the intersection of food and fashion. We crafted easily digestible videos, images, and GIFs to showcase the Coco x Kiki kebab as the ultimate foodie accessory.

Additionally, we released a behind-the-scenes video capturing the lively moments at the Coco x Kiki stand during the Wireless festival, with Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy serving as the host.

During the sustain phase, we portrayed the product as a muse for culture and fashion. Leveraging our social channels, we enlisted talent to curate outfits inspired by Coco x Kiki’s bubblegum aesthetic. Going beyond, we collaborated with Love of Huns as our official meme partner to reinforce the campaign’s tongue-in-cheek humor. Lastly, our music talents harnessed their star power, connecting with fans through Instagram Live Q&As – all while savoring a GDK, naturally.