330% increase in organic traffc

At Brisk Agency, we love to partner with mission-led brands and use our skills for positive global change. When we were approached by the UK’s number one Car Fleet company, Fleet Evolution, we knew we could help them make a difference to their business and a difference to the UK’s carbon footprint.
We focused on improving the online visibility of the website and generating more leads through multiple regional pages.
The fleet industry is one of the most competitive industries in the UK, and due to the ever-evolving regulations around electric cars, you have to be on your top game to rank for relevant keywords.
An Electric Car At The Fleet Evolution HQ | Brisk Agency
Fleet Evolution

We picked a variety of keywords, ranging from general questions about the industry to top-level buyer intent keywords. Here are a few examples from the campaign:

  • Electric Car Scheme
  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Management Durham
  • Fleet Management London

We also chose to go with “electric car facts” as we saw this as a great way to win the ‘featured snippet’ box on Google. The featured snippet takes up a lot of on-screen real estate, so instead of letting one of their competitors take it, we wanted it.

Featured snippets work best when they provide specific, in-depth content to answer searchers’ questions. In this case, people looking to learn about their carbon footprint are often open to electric car solutions, and the electric car scheme is well-placed to answer their queries.

Once the keywords were confirmed, we got to work.

  • 330% increase in traffic from Google in 6-months

‍Within just six months, Mercia Fleet Management were ranking on page one of Google for over 12 key search terms that were delivering high-quality traffic.

The traffic from Google went up 330%.

We are continuing to work on improving their ranking to attain the top positions for key search terms and beat competitors who have held the number one spot for years.

Fleet Evolution