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If we were to tell you, there’s Something About Elizabeth, what would you think we meant? That the girl down the street was a bit saucy? That your mums mate Liz had me head over heels? 

Where we grew up we call money Lizzy. Now Lizzy can come in clean forms, or a whole lot of dirty forms, either way it’s probably one of the only things that connects us as humans (well that and oxygen). 

Even if money doesn’t seem to play a big part in your life, whether you have a lot of it, or not so much, it’s fair to say that we all have an infatuation with it. And so the term ‘Something About Elizabeth’ was derived.  

Model Wearing Something About Elizabeth Clothing | Brisk Agency
Something About Elizabeth

​BRISK was instructed to develop an engaging social media campaign that focussed on content creation and distribution.

After we received the brief, we got to work building a strategy for HM Tees.

​We initially started with designing a week’s worth of content. This allowed us to distribute the content, run some paid ADs and analyse the results for the future week.

After month three, Something About Elizabeth increased revenue by 328%.

​In month six, the growth continued even more with a 384% revenue increase.

​In fact, the growth was never stopping as they continued to grow in customers and an ROI.

Something About Elizabeth