What’s more irresistible than Irresistible?

When we were asked to evolve a successful brand with 500 plus products already performing well, we used insight and stories to raise the game and create a new packaging design.

Co-op’s upscale product line was achieving satisfactory results, but the desire was to enhance brand recall, establishing a distinctive identity from other premium own-label brands. Additionally, they sought to create more visual distinction in their packaging design between their core and premium products.

For us, this was just another day in the office – we followed our routine process. However, for Co-op, it marked a significant leap forward. We delved deep into what makes each product truly ‘Irresistible,’ addressing each category individually. Previous guidelines had been somewhat narrow and inflexible, which wasn’t ideal for a diverse range of over 500 products. After all, who wants their pizza packaging to mirror their chocolate packaging?

We suggested integrating the term “Irresistible” with the primary Co-op logo to enhance brand recall and recognition. Subsequently, we revamped the entire Irresistible packaging range, adopting a fresh approach to photography and incorporating designs that narrate a story while celebrating occasions.

The Irresistible chocolate alone have seen an 8% uplift in sales since redesign.

After all premium means Premium.