driving global World Cup buzz on social with Beats

We successfully navigated the clutter and surpassed expectations with a World Cup campaign designed to prompt Gen Z to express brand affection for a standout product across various social media platforms.

To engage with Gen Z on social media during the brand’s World Cup 2022 activation, Defy The Noise, we aimed to spotlight the Beats Fit Pro headphones. Our objective was to raise awareness and consideration for the Beats Fit Pros while creating excitement for the brand by actively participating in key moments within the World Cup conversation.

117m impressions
35.2m total video views
1.23m total engagements

Our Solution

Executing this campaign demanded us to showcase our creative prowess while navigating the intricate logistical hurdles inherent in a global initiative. We had to take into account numerous factors, including the extensive array of assets, our choice of collaborating players, and the diverse locations, each presenting its own set of distinct requirements.

Central to the success of our World Cup activation was the development of clever and strategic copy for all the produced assets. Adhering to the legal complexities of a global campaign, we had to skillfully incorporate key in-game moments with a celebratory yet subtle approach, ensuring outstanding results.

Thriving on the global stage comes with its share of challenges, and it was imperative for us to depict how our elite athletes rise above the distractions, honing in on becoming the finest versions of themselves with the support of Beats Fit Pro.

In adapting “Defy the Noise” for social media, we crafted more than 100 pieces of content spotlighting athletes Buyako Saka, Kingsley Coman, Serge Gnabry, and Ritsu Dōan. This undertaking led us to diverse locations worldwide, including the UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, and the US.

GIFs, concise video clips, behind-the-scenes snippets, dynamic player cards, player tips, and more seamlessly integrated to create a unified campaign across major social platforms—TikTok, Instagram, X, YouTube, and Facebook.

Tailored for a global audience, our campaign’s extensive content production is a testament to its scope, totaling over 215 assets.

Overall, the campaign garnered an impressive 117 million impressions, with 66% attributed to paid support, strategically amplifying our reach.

The content achieved a remarkable 35.2 million total views, with 35% stemming from organic engagement.

In terms of interactions, we observed a total of 1.23 million engagements, with organic interactions constituting the majority at 64%, compared to 36% from paid engagements.