Setting a standard for social video series with Amazon Prime Video UK

Amazon Prime Video UK presented us with the challenge of envisioning a grand concept for their talent-led social video series. We responded by crafting a contemporary love story tailored for the TikTok age.

Amazon Prime Video Case Study | Brisk Agency
Amazon Prime Video Case Study by Brisk Agency

Our assignment involved facilitating the launch of the second season of Modern Love through the introduction of an Amazon Original TikTok series in the UK, placing a significant focus on promoting creators and stories from the LGBTQ+ community.

17m+ Views
200k+ Active engagements
3 Digiday Award wins
1 Lovie Award win
Amazon Prime Video Case Study | Brisk Agency

Our Solution

As the inaugural video series on TikTok UK, we aimed to establish a groundbreaking standard. While maintaining TV-quality production, it was imperative for the content to be native to the platform. Crucially, our goal was to develop something that empowers the LGBTQ+ community rather than speaking on its behalf.

We aimed to capture the essence of storytelling within Modern Love episodes. This involved adopting an anthological approach with a consistent theme throughout.

Collaborating with six LGBTQ+ TikTok creators—Tyreece Nye, Krystal Lake, Tarek Khwiss, Bailey J Mills, Mista Strange, and Elliot Douglas—we brought forth the mesmerizing tales of their most profound loves. This showcased that the ability to love deeply is a universal human truth, uniting us all, regardless of who or what we love.

Poet Keith Jarrett joined the project, collaborating with our creators to narrate their modern love stories through the art of poetry.

Director Joseph Wilson and musician Daniel Molyneaux played crucial roles in ensuring the cinematic quality of our execution. During post-production, we utilized various TikTok-first filters and features to guarantee that the content seamlessly integrated with the TikTok platform.

Simultaneously, we released six episodes—one for each creator—on TikTok, fostering organic conversations among viewers engaging with the content simultaneously.

To enhance reach, teaser content was also shared on Instagram through cross-channel promotion.

Given the constraints of niche interest and behavioral targeting on TikTok’s ad platform, we opted for a broader audience aligned with Prime Video’s core demographic. This approach enabled us to reach a larger user base with greater cost efficiency and extend our message of LGBTQ+ celebration beyond the confines of the community.

Our creators voluntarily shared their work on their respective channels, generating additional views and promoting cross-platform engagement.

“We believe platforms such as TikTok are the future of how stories are told and human connections are made. We wanted to use our storytelling credibility to bring to life real customer stories. That’s why we created a series of mini episodes that explore what connection means to rich and diverse communities in their native day-to-day language: TikTok. We’re excited to continue bringing joy and experimenting with original social content inspired by our shows & movies.”

Kam McKenzie | Senior Creative Director | Europe Prime Video