Generating buzz for an exhilarating collaboration and a distinctive product involved narrating the tale of NY creator and artist Philllllthy's customized NMD colorway. This narrative pays homage to the do-it-yourself spirit of a renowned figure in the streetwear scene, shedding light on the craftsmanship and techniques behind his uniquely handcrafted aesthetic.

In honor of the launch, we orchestrated a comprehensive campaign, encompassing a film, a library of photo assets, and a specially tailored seeding kit. Additionally, we played a role in organizing a festive dinner to commemorate the project, bringing together Phil and his friends.

In New York, we filmed a documentary uncovering Philllllthy’s backstory, tracing the origins of his artistic journey, and capturing his creative process with NMD. Managing the entire planning and execution of the shoot and subsequent rollout, we propelled the product release through carefully curated seeding packs for influencers, skillfully crafted and produced by Brisk Agency. These seeding packs swiftly became a sought-after streetwear essential, gaining extensive sharing across various platforms. To conclude the project, we organised a celebratory dinner for Phil and his crew, a pivotal moment showcased in the comprehensive video released on the launch day.

20k Units sold out instantly

35,000 Content views on adidas channel

GLOBAL media coverage