Social Updates by Brisk Agency: X-Factor Axed, Cookies, Cycle to Work, Instagram Reels and more

August 3, 2021

We need to make a public apology. We promised a blog every week and so far, we've failed. We've been so busy with client projects, that this has slipped. We promise, it won't happen again.

So without further ado, let's dive into Social Updates Part 2:


The show that gave Simon Cowell the opportunity to slate contestants, won't be renewed for at least the next 5 years.

Despite the sad news (for some), this offers great reactive opportunities for PRs. You could analyse the most iconic performances of the show, or create a list of the most successful X Factor contestants from the UK and other international franchises. Here’s an idea – you could even rank the most brutal Simon Cowell quotes!

We asked some of the Brisk team what the most memorable moment to them was. Here were the responses:

Liam - J Star - the guy who sung Hallelujah

Sophie - Ablisa. The punch up

Ricky - The guy with the pink, toy microphone

Luke - 100% Ant and Seb

Michelle - The girl who wasn't a number


Cycling can be great for everyone, and since last year, more and more Brits live in the saddle! Now on its ninth year, Cycle to Work Day on August 5th offers employees across the UK a much-needed boost through cycling.

This is a great opportunity for all the sports and business PRs out there, but you can make it work for everything from lifestyle to fashion, too.

Whether you’re going for a proactive piece on the nation’s favourite cycling route or providing top cycling tips for beginners, the PR mixing bowl is all yours!

Click here for more information!

Our CEO, Liam Chick (a big advocate for cycling and someone who takes his bike almost everywhere), said the following: "For someone who cycles everywhere he can, this is a great opportunity for people to get on the saddle and cycle to work. Cycling is massive for positive mental health, maintaining fitness and all round feeling great. There's so many benefits".

Instagram Expands Reels to 60 Seconds, Providing More Capacity for Creativity

In an utterly unsurprising update, Instagram has today announced that the Reels length limit is being extended from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for all users.

Instagram has been experimenting with longer Reels for some time, after first extending Reels from 15 to 30 seconds last September. And given that TikTok now enables the upload of longer clips (up to 3 minutes), and YouTube Shorts can also be up to 60 seconds in length, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before Instagram followed the trend.

Which is kind of what Instagram does these days, right?

Twitter Adds New Sign-In Options via Apple and Google ID

It's been in development for some time, but today, Twitter has officially launched the capacity to sign-up and/or log-in to the app using your Google or Apple credentials.

The option will make it easier to access Twitter through the use of your device info, so you won't have to enter your password every time.

To utilize the new option, users will first need to update their Twitter account to the latest version. You then need to log-out of the app entirely (all connected accounts) and then, when you go to log back in, you'll see the new Google and Apple sign-in options.

Pinterest Loses 24 Million Users as Lockdowns Ease and Physical Stores Re-Open Around the World

After reporting 11 quarters of consecutive user growth, Pinterest has taken a hit, with the platform seeing a decline in overall users in Q2, though its revenue results remained strong for the period.

But users will be the key storyline here - as you can see here, Pinterest lost 24 million users over the past three months, with US users dropping 5% year-on-year.


Who doesn’t love cookies? Especially when you add chocolate chips in them! Pair them with a glass of milk and you have one of the most delicious snacks to gobble.

On August 4th, Americans celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day thanks to Ruth G. Wakefield, who a long time ago, accidentally mixed cookie dough with chocolate chips.

So, those who work in the hospitality sector should take advantage of this opportunity. Simply create fun and informative campaigns, or even provide commentary.

For more information click here and get baking!

Thank you for reading Social Updates 2. See you next Friday for another update.

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