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Social In 5 Easy Steps

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“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow..”

1. Build a Solid Social Strategy

In a world of digital white noise, the only way to get to your finish line is to have a detailed roadmap that’s not only looking to plan for the future in increments small enough to allow full agility and flexibility, but also one that looks at what’s happening, and has happened.

A solid social strategy will allow you to; predefine your goals, identify your target audience, target the appropriate platforms at the appropriate times, chisel out your brand voice and identity, work on a post schedule and define your USPs before you crash around the social stratosphere like a rampant bull in Harrods.

2. Competitor Analysis

“Data is the new Oil” as an old friend used to say, and I can’t deny the truth in this statement, albeit slightly menacing post Cambridge Analytica.

One of the easiest ways to signpost your way to a successful social strategy, is to analyse the competition. This information will be key to locating new customer pools, observing strategies that already work and which ones don’t and most importantly, where there are gaps in strategy and engagement to be firmly plugged by your brand.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is the fuel to your flame in a world of 8 second attention spans and is a surefire way to digital dominance. You have to keep “a’ knockin’” to break through the door of digital delight available to your target audience in the age of handheld tech (The Huffington Post estimated the average web user sees around 11,150 ads per month).

We’ve found that the best way to boost our clients’ presence is to have 2, 3 or more posts per day across each of the platforms that suit your businesses need most, and to team this with data analysis, immediate response times and creativite content to not only attract huge rises in engagement (we get increases of between 480 & 6000% for our clients), but maintain it long term.

4. Unique Content Including Ads

Now, I don’t want to be preaching to the choir here, and as you’re on Linkedin, I imagine you’re all digital dynamite, but as Instagram has just reached 1 billion monthly users (Up from 800,000 since last September) I feel obliged to make this my number 4.

Consistent, unique, and engaging content is paramount to keeping your brand relevant in the “brand stew”  that is modern day digital marketing, there’s a reason Coca-Cola still advertise and Iceland have witty and sometimes controversial Twitter responses.

Growing your cross-platform following through sponsored content, ads, videos, pictures, articles, white papers, GIFs, podcasts and any other available medium can be the difference between mediocrity and massively popular interaction online.

5. Know Your Customer & Their Buying Journey

One of the beauties of putting all of the above points into practice, is that the data allows you to track the customer buying journey, if you don’t already know it.

With this piece of informational treasure that traditional marketers could only have dreamed of having access to, you can optimise the customer experience, streamline the buying journey, refine your content for specific demographics with pinpoint accuracy and more easily than ever before put your brand in front of potential clients.

So... How Ready Are You?

In the last half a decade, the changes in the landscape of the digital world have been amazing to say the least, even ordering the trusty takeaway is no longer recognisable with UberEats, Just Eat, Deliveroo and Hungry House dominating the market.

Digital has changed, and as it continues to change every industry, BriskAgency want to help you know where your business stands.

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