2019 Review

June 15, 2020

I thought it would be beneficial (mainly for myself) to continue my traditional personal and business highlights showcasing 2019 in a review.

BRISK Agency (formerly Social Strategy) started 2019 extremely strong, landing 11 new clients both here in the UK, the states and Dubai. Having said that, these partnerships were just the beginning of a brilliant, creative and growing year for Brisk.

The #WeAreBrisk team have been exceptional over the last year from both our Southernhay and Quayhouse offices.

My main focus this year (alongside the excellent team) was to focus on building the BRISK brand through sales, marketing, and branding.

In total, BRISK has worked with over 212 brands (in the last 12-months), which is a huge increase from the following year (160). We have long term partnerships with the majority of them, which is brilliant.

Some work BRISK has been involved in:

I firstly wanted to talk about some of the work BRISK have completed this year. We've run a number of social and digital campaigns and also completed a number of user-friendly websites.

Here are just a few of my highlights:


Oliver Joseph Fitness: In July 2019, we partnered with Oliver Joseph Fitness to initially build the gym's website. This project was a joy from start to finish, and also led to more campaigns from OJF.

CASE STUDY: https://www.briskagency.co.uk/oliver-joseph-fitness

Martel and Ramm (Formerly Ramm Footwear): When we were approached by Ramm Footwear, they were just a concept developed from a successful career within the shoe industry. This blank canvas allowed us to break the rules and not conform to the norm.

CASE STUDY: https://www.briskagency.co.uk/martel-and-ramm


HM Tees (Something About Elizabeth): HM Tees came to us with an issue that needed solving... they had just been through a re-brand and needed a range of content created. The content then needed to be distributed through their social media channels to their mass following.

CASE STUDY: https://www.briskagency.co.uk/something-about-elizabeth

Re-brand - from Social Strategy to BRISK: In November 2019, I and Social Strategy merged with Hector Sethi and his agency... this formed BRISK; a brand communication agency that creates change for brands of tomorrow.

Visit BRISK: www.briskagency.co.uk

Other clients joining the BRISK team in 2019 included: Wellies of Wellswood, MyFriendCharlie, GreenReliefTrading, Ramm Designs, KH Homes, Wedgewood Homes, TempleSeeker, Thomas Clipper, Aura Barbers.

During all the chaos, I and the team have still managed to build the BRISK brand... (don't ask me how). This has included a brand new, user-friendly website, new content, new advertising campaigns and videos.

Some work I've been involved in:

Finally, I wanted to finally talk to you about some personal projects I've been involved in. Here are my personal highlights?

Re-brand / merger: As discussed above, Social Strategy went through a merger process and came out on the other side as BRISK. I was heavily involved in all the legal shit surrounding this, along with supporting the teams to build the brand. I loved every moment.

Investments: Last year I made two highly profitable investments. I did set myself a goal in January to make two more but due to a busy year, I haven't managed to do this. However, I have stayed heavily invested in the two I made last year. One was a low cost, private jet company and the other, a non-alcoholic dating company.

SAE Institute: Last year, I signed an agreement with the SAE institute to talk to their colleges. I'm pleased to announce that this year, I've signed a new, year-based agreement with them. This agreement means I'll be talking to a number of their colleges over the next 12-months.

Promotion with the FA: In October I got an email saying I'd be given my early promotion from the FA. This news comes 7-months after my last promotion which is a real achievement for me.

Yeovil Town VS Forest Green Rovers reserves: On August 17th, I walked out on the pitch of Huish Park to referee Yeovil Town vs Forest Green Rovers reserves. It's fair to say that I couldn't sleep the night before, considering that I was refereeing a game 3-promotions above what I was meant too. This was certainly one of my favorite games ever.

Building family bridges: I also set myself a goal at the beginning of this year... to build family bridges. Some of you may know but I use to have a shocking relationship with my family. I'm happy to say that this year, patches were repaired and I now have a great relationship with all of my family.


I've spent the last 2-hours writing this article and I'm really surprised at how much I and the agency achieved and how much we've grown since last December. 2020 will be exciting.

We predict 2020 to be full of growth, excitement and happy memories, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Liam Chick - CEO of Brisk Agency


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