How Brisk Agency reached over 200k views via a slick reel for Levi’s.



The challenge

Brisk approached our client, The Yards, with an influencer marketing campaign idea that would showcase them as a stylish and chic all-day dining, shopping, and lifestyle hotspot in Covent Garden.


We suggested identifying a talented influencer to visit a number of occupiers across the Covent Garden location to shoot some original content for their feeds. The ideal creator would appeal to the target demographic of young urban professionals, living or working close to the area. As well as having a high level of reach and influence, their typical content would also need to sit across all elements of The Yards offering – food, shopping and lifestyle – in order to be a good fit with the brand.


In addition to finding the right fit and executing the work, Brisk had the responsibility of managing the relationships between The Yards, the occupiers and the influencer, to ensure suitable outputs for all parties involved. The end goal was to create content that not only met the needs of the client, but also effectively represented the brand and was a good fit for the influencer’s channel.



What we did

After a deep research phase into different influencers, we selected and approached London-based lifestyle, fashion and beauty vlogger Kate Hutchins, to collaborate with us on a TikTok Reel that would highlight the best of The Yards. A fashionable content creator with an authentically curated feed, she was the ideal fit for our audience and brand image, with 834K followers on Instagram and 275K on TikTok.


Once Kate was on board, we collaborated with occupiers at The Yards including jeans brand Levi’s, celebrity hair salon Patrizia Manias, exclusive club The Conduit and delicious cafe Buns from Home, to create a whole day at The Yards to be enjoyed by Kate. This occupier mix helped ensure we showed the full range and variety of what was on offer at the destination, as well as creating some interesting and fresh content opportunities to work through with Kate.


For the post, we began the day for her with a personal shopping experience at Levis, followed by snippets of her enjoying other offers from the different venues, selecting a shot next to The Yards sign with some floral displays as the cover image.


To ensure the content met expectations, we briefed Kate thoroughly, providing her with inspiration and examples to give a sense of what we were after as well as assisting with amendments and guidance on the day.


We also managed all the logistics, organising contracts, booking the venues and drawing up a clear schedule for shoot day.




The end result was a slick Reel which was highly successful in reaching our target audience, as well as generating engagement in the form of likes, comments, shares, and saves.


Kate’s video received a combined reach across both TikTok and Instagram of 238,000 and a combined number of 68,000 impressions.


The majority of the audience was female (87%) and aged 25-34 (49%), followed by 18-24 (21%), which perfectly reflected the demographic we were looking to target.