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At Brisk Agency, based in Exeter and London, we invest in advanced tools to deliver exceptional web design, SEO insights, and SEO management. As leaders in local SEO, we stay updated with industry trends and continuously research the latest tools and programs. This commitment ensures our clients in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, Exeter, Devon, Plymouth, and nationwide achieve first-page Google rankings and have a clear understanding of their website’s performance.

With our free SEO tools and expert SEO tips, we offer comprehensive services from website health checks to on-demand reports, customised web design, and business videos.

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Semrush is an essential tool for optimising online presence and driving organic traffic. With powerful analytics and competitive intelligence, it offers deep insights into keyword research, backlink analysis, and domain comparisons.

Semrush helps us identify high-value keywords, analyse search volumes, competition, and trends, allowing us to fine-tune content strategies for our clients. By ensuring content is optimised for search engines, Semrush provides our clients with a competitive edge.

Additionally, our use of Google Analytics for website traffic checks further supports our efforts to enhance search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.

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Screaming Frog

We utilise Screaming Frog’s SEO crawler to boost and enhance website performance.

This tool provides critical insights into your website’s technical health, pinpointing areas needing optimisation. It thoroughly analyses the structure, URLs, and metadata, helping us understand how search engines crawl and index the site.

This allows us to optimise the architecture for better performance. Essentially, it’s a comprehensive website health check, ensuring all elements function effectively to improve your Google rankings.

Screaming Frog highlights issues such as:

With this information, we can make informed decisions to quickly rectify any technical issues to significantly improve site speed, user experience and search engine visibility.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides invaluable insights into website performance and user behaviour. Developed by Google, this platform enables us to track and analyse various metrics to make data-driven decisions to enhance clients’ online presence.

Our SEO agency uses Google Analytics to perform traffic on website checks, showing us data such as:

– The Number Of Visitors To Your Website
– Which Device They’re Using
– The Pages They View
– Engagement Metrics
– Bounce Rates
– Session Duration

With this valuable information, Brisk Agency delivers proactive marketing strategies to drive meaningful results. These results are even greater when we combine Google Analytics with other tools to provide extensive website health checks and ongoing performance monitoring.


At Brisk Agency, a leading Webflow Design Agency based in Exeter and London, we use Webflow to create custom, high-performing websites for clients in Surrey, Sussex, Devon, Plymouth, London, Kent, and nationwide.

Renowned for transforming businesses with award-winning website design, we leverage Webflow’s innovative platform to build stunning, responsive sites without complex coding. This allows for quicker website launches and easier updates.

With Webflow, managing and updating website content is effortless, enabling us to swiftly implement any changes you request.

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