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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How does Search Engine Optimisation Work?

SEO involves using strategies, techniques, and tactics to increase website visitors and achieve a high-ranking placement on search engine results pages. This process adheres to Google's ever-changing best practice guidelines to ensure optimal performance and compliance.

How do we create a bespoke programme around your keywords?

- In your initial meeting with your Account Manager, we will discuss and agree on the core keywords for the services and products you want to promote.
- We then perform a competitive marketplace analysis to identify the most effective phrases.
- Where possible, we focus on 'Long Tail' keywords, which are more descriptive and less competitive, to help you rank higher on Google searches.
- The goal of the program is to maximise conversions for your business, with the plan developed based on competitor and keyword analysis.

How long will it take for me to hit my guarantee?

If you have purchased SEO services, the delivery guide for achieving first-page keyword rankings is approximately 16 weeks from the completion date.

What is my guarantee made up of?

Your guarantee may include a combination of core guide keywords and variations of other relevant keywords. As part of our best practices, we break down guide keywords to identify higher converting ones commonly used to find your type of service. We create content specifically targeting the initial core keywords and variations to reach a wider audience and increase conversions.

Will you guarantee position on the 1st page?

Our delivery guide for SEO keyword positioning pertains to achieving first-page rankings (not necessarily the first position) for the keywords you have purchased.

Is the delivery guide relevant if I have purchased an SEO booster?

The SEO delivery guide does not apply if you have purchased an SEO Booster (Non-Guaranteed) package, but the content is still written in the same way.

General FAQS

How many images can I have on my gallery page?

On a gallery page our maximum image limit is 25.

Is there a cost to make changes to my website?

As part of the package you purchased, you are entitled to unlimited minor amendments to your website. A complete redesign or requests for additional pages not initially specified may incur extra charges.

*Excludes hosting-only packages.

When will my website be ready?

Brisk Agency strives to deliver the website demo link within three weeks of receiving the customer's content (where applicable), depending on the services purchased.

Do I own my domain?

The customer retains ownership of their domain name. Brisk Agency will host the domain during the contracted period.

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